Lexaswim is committed to sustainable fashion. We strive to use recycled fabrics and packaging whenever possible. 


Our prints are printed digitally using significantly less water compared to traditional methods and no dye paste. Our fabric manufacturer uses clean, natural gas energy during the manufacturing process. The heat generated from the process is reused saving 20% to 30% energy and the exhaust gases are treated to reduce emissions. 


Amni® Soul Eco® is the world's first biodegradable polyamide nylon 6.6 yarn. Fabric made from this innovative yarn is produced using recycled water and an innovative CO2 Control® process and has the ability to decompose within 3 years in landfill conditions. 

Does “biodegradable” mean your suit will fall apart? 

No— Amni Soul Eco® fabric is made to last for many years, and only begins to break down when exposed to a combination of factors, such as absence of oxygen, high humidity and a high concentration of bacteria in an anaerobic landfill. Otherwise, its shelf life is as lengthy as that of traditional polyamides and the fabric will preserve all of its properties.

Why Amni® Soul Eco®?

Stay sustainable without compromising quality: We love that this rich, buttery material is soft and flexible and designed to do well. 

We hope this allows you to feel confident in choosing Lexaswim. If you have any questions about our materials or our process please don’t hesitate to reach out!